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Welcome To the Ear Party!

The  Aluna Brand is a collection of unique earrings with bold colour combinations and beautiful textures. Each pair is named after. a wild character you might run into at a party. Whether its Candice Looking for Love, or Sloppy Cameron, you won't forget their vivacious looks, plus the party will be rocking.

Aluna earrings are inspired by big expressions in small packages. Each piece is handmade with an intention to throw playful colors and textures at the beholder.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada Aluna is giving artistic power to slow fashion. All products are handmade in the city, and encourage deliberate choices. Strong believers in 'less is more,' we make unique products in limited quantities. We want our customers to love their earrings just as much as we do. 


Frequently Asked Q's

I live outside Canada, can I purchase Aluna earrings?
We ship anywhere in North America! Hopefully other parts of the world soon enough.
Are the earrings heavy?
Aluna customers are incredibly surprised at how light-weight the earrings are. All materials are fabric based and don't have the same weight of other earrings their size. They are incredible light, and won't drag you down.
My ears are sensitive which metals do you use?
We use titanium and surgical steel hooks with our earrings. Aka these are the only metals people with sensitivities should use. Its a common misconception that sterling silver and other metals won't cause irritation to the earlobes. Even sterling silver is mixed metal so it can cause irritation to someone who is prone to discomfort with usage. Our earrings are safe for everyone!
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